July 6, 2017

Russian Annual Sighthound Show in St Petersburg - Press release July 6th, 2017

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Having realised the uproar of emotions with regard to the pictures taken at the Russian Annual Sighthound Show in St Petersburg and published in social media, I would like to clarify the following:

I did not judge any of the breeds of the unhealthy dogs that were posted and published on Facebook.

I did judge Afghan Hounds, Greyhounds and Borzois during this show.

However, I was asked at the end of the day to stand and hold the ribbons of the majority of all the winners jointly with my fellow judges while photos were taken.

There were many dogs presented there to me and it was unfortunate that I did not notice the condition of the dog in question when it came to be photographed.

I should have been more observant when I presented the ribbons as it had been a long day. Thus it was only after the photos were published that I became aware of the situation.

I have personally made direct enquiries with the organising committee and was told that all dogs entered had been cleared by a veterinary inspection. Nevertheless, I expressed my concern about the apparently poor condition of some of the dogs that were shown there and intended to look more closely and officially into the matter upon my return at home.

I am deeply upset to have caused such a negative impression on the general public, especially because I have made it a point during all my Presidency of the FCI to always support welfare actions within the FCI and have a genuine personal commitment towards animal welfare and, specifically, the welfare of all our dogs.

Rest assured that I will proceed to establish and conduct further enquiries on this matter and will continue to make an endless effort to preserve and promote DOG WELFARE within the FCI.


Rafael de Santiago
President of the FCI