September 20, 2022

Legal case opposing the Norsk Kennel Klub (NKK) to the Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals (NSPA)

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Dear FCI Members and Contract Partners

As we had previously informed you, the Norsk Kennel Klub (NKK) presented on 19 September 2022 its appeal before the Oslo Court in the legal case opposing them (and the Norwegian Cavalier Club, the Norwegian Bulldog Club and six breeders) to the Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals (NSPA) for violation of Section 25 of the Animal Welfare Act.

Concerned by this issue, the result of which could affect the European/International cynology, the FCI is sharing with its Members and Contract Partners this following link (in English only) which will give you an insight into the timeline of the issue.

Any further information can be obtained at

Let us keep our fingers crossed for our Norwegian friends!

Best regards

Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director