March 13, 2020

2020 FCI World Dog Show in Madrid (ES): Official Announcement from the FCI and Real Sociedad Canina de España (RSCE)

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Due to the escalating propagation of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the Real Sociedad Canina de España (RSCE) and its Organising Committee have to face a situation of new restrictions regarding the celebration of public events in the area of Madrid.

After a meeting held on 11th March, 2020 with the representatives of the IFEMA showground and local authorities responsible for public events, we unfortunately have no other option than to announce that the 2020 FCI World Dog Show cannot be held in Madrid on the scheduled dates of 23-26 April, 2020.  

The only available dates - for the year 2020 - to use the IFEMA showground in Madrid are 9-12 July, 2020. 

The RSCE wants to organise the 2020 FCI World Dog Show on the above dates. The RSCE will work out all the practical details about handling previous entries, possible entry withdrawals, as well as all further matters and situations caused by these changes. 

The FCI General Committee decided to follow the will of the Organising Committee and, instead of cancelling the 2020 FCI World Dog Show, give the possibility to all dog breeders and dog owners who so wish to compete for the 2020 FCI World Winner titles.  

Therefore, the FCI and the RSCE officially announce that the 2020 FCI World Dog Show is postponed and will be held in Madrid, from 9-12 July, 2020.

As indicated above, all technical and further information will be officially communicated by the Organising Committee in the coming weeks.

We ask for your understanding and support. We are all aware of the difficulties, sacrifices and consequences related to our decision to postpone the 2020 FCI World Dog Show but came to the conclusion that it is the best solution to serve our community. 

On behalf of the FCI General Committee and the Board of RSCE

Yours sincerely

 Dr. Tamás Jakkel
 FCI President                    
 Julián Hernandez
 RSCE President