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We would like to draw the attention of our fans to the fact that our Facebook/Instagram/ LinkedIn pages are under no circumstances any official organs of the FCI and may not supersede the official communication means with the FCI, i.e. e-mails, post or phone calls.

Facebook is a social network on which the FCI created a page for exchanges and freedom of expression. However, this page is not the official FCI webpage, as the FCI official website is www.fci.be. The only messages which can be considered as official are those published by the FCI Facebook administrator. The FCI is not responsible for messages published by people using the FCI Facebook page; the users themselves are the only ones responsible for the content and the authenticity of their words. We appeal to the users’ critical sense towards those messages. On the other hand, the FCI regularly visits its Facebook page, feeling concerned about the opinion of its regular users, whom the FCI works for every day. The FCI, whenever it is necessary, publishes official communications on this page and/or its official website. Under no circumstances, the FCI replies or reacts to each message published on its Facebook page, once again because it is a forum for informal exchanges.

The FCI also has an official YouTube channel, FCI for YOUtube, since December 2019.

We remind that anybody wishing to bring any fact to the attention of the FCI can do it by post, by e-mail, by phone through our official communication means. We suggest you to visit our website www.fci.be, which will provide you the answer to a great majority of your possible questions. Would you not find the answer even in our regulations and official publications available on our website www.fci.be, we suggest you to turn to the national canine organisation member of the FCI which is responsible for the concerned matter (e.g. breeders, pedigrees, etc.). The contact details of our members are available on our website.

As a last resort, the whole team of the FCI Head Office of course stays at your disposal to guide you:

The CACIB and Titles departments remain available:

CACIB Department:

Titles Department:

Kennel names Department:

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