January 10, 2014

FCI and CKC meet at CKC headquarters

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Rafael de Santiago, FCI President, and Michael Shoreman, CKC Chairman, are pleased to announce the outcome of a very productive meeting held at the CKC Headquarters, Toronto (CA) on January 6th, 2014; both organisations agreed on the mutual benefit of increased cooperation. Priority will be given in the future to the following:

  • to facilitate the process for recognition of FCI members' studbooks by the CKC
  • to assist in the recognition of more FCI recognised breeds by the CKC and of CKC (not FCI) recognised breeds by the FCI
  • to improve the profile of CKC representative teams at FCI performance Championships (Agility, Obedience, Utility Dogs,...)

Rafael de Santiago and Michael Shoreman would like to express their appreciation and enthusiasm for a positive future for both organisations.


Rafael de Santiago
FCI President

Michael Shoreman
CKC Chairman