September 25, 2014

Dr K. Rosaiah, Governor of Tamil Nadu state, welcomes the FCI International dog show in Chennai, India on September 14th, 2014

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From left to right: Mr C.V. Sudarsan, Madras Kennel Club, Dr K. Rosaiah, Governor of Tamil Nadu state and Mr Rafael de Santiago, FCI President.

On the occasion of the FCI International dog show held in Chennai (IN) on 12-14 September, Dr Rosaiah addressed the audience during the Best in Show, underlining dog’s role in society as a service companion: “Dog is a worthy friend for life time. Dogs are of a lot of use to the people. They are used for hunting, herding, pulling loads, protection, assisting police and military, for championship and for aiding physically challenged.”

Dr Rosaiah praised the very specific and long-standing bond between man and dog, reminding its many benefits: “History reveals that dogs, a mammal of canine family of the order of carnivore were first domesticated from wolves 15,000 years ago. They are social animal and account for trainability, playfulness and have the ability to fit in to human households. The tendency of having a pet should develop and spread in people. It creates a spirit of compassion and nurtures in one love, care and affection towards all creatures.”

Pinpointing and congratulating several initiatives launched by the dog show organisers together with the Kennel Club of India, he also appealed to responsible ownership, insisting on welfare issues.