Commission for Dog Dancing

The Commission

The Dog Dancing Commission is one of the FCI non-mandatory commissions. The role of the commission is to represent the activities of Dog Dancing and make sure that they are correctly carried out.

The Dog Dancing Commission is made up of delegates from national canine organisations which are members of the FCI and want to have a representative in this commission. National Canine Organisations which are interested can apply on the occasion of the FCI General Assembly or to the FCI Head Office.

To become effective, all decisions made in the commission have to be approved by the FCI General Committee.

The Dog Dancing Commission is led by a President and a secretary, chosen by the delegates of the commission. The election to these positions are held every two years.

Dog Dancing

The objective in Dog Dancing is for the dog and handler to devise and perform together an artistic routine combined with music and presented with obvious cooperation between a dog that is willing and working well and a supportive handler.

The training involved for this discipline will increase the dogs’ willingness to respond to their handlers and thus their overall behaviour in everyday life.

Dog dancing is a sport that welcomes all types of dogs and handlers.

FCI International Dog Dancing Judges Conference (22 & 23 January 2022)

Physiology of Dogs (Carmen Heritier) (DE)
Managing Bias in Judging (Johanna Saariluoma) (FI)
Presentation CATEGORY (Charlie Westrin) (SE) 
Content CATEGORY (Corinne Medauer) (FR)
Artistic Interpretation CATEGORY (Susanna Ekblom) (FI)
Animal Welfare CATEGORY (Emmy Marie Simonsen) (DK)

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