October 20, 2020

Healthy breeding & Dog Welfare: what can the FCI Members and Contract Partners offer each other?

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Dear FCI Members and Contract Partners,
Dear FCI breeders and breed clubs,
Dear dog owners,
Dear all,

For the last years, several of our Members and Contract Partners have been facing an increasing number of legislative measures related to specific breeds/groups of breeds and pedigree dog breeding in general. This can have very serious consequences and even jeopardise the activities and the future of the breeders, the breed clubs and the national canine organisations in many countries. 

As a reaction the FCI has prepared an informative package which we are happy to share with you. 

We strongly encourage our Members and Contract Partners to make use of it when talking to their national authorities and to contact the FCI Head Office or any of the Members/Contract Partners listed in those documents for further information.

This informative package (available in the Dog Health Section of our website) comprises the following items :

  • thorough report of the FCI Scientific Commission on the Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) explaining the nature of the disease, the reasons behind it and alternatives to handle it in the relevant breeds;
  • a list of health tests (breed-specific and all-breed) implemented by the FCI Members and Contract Partners and statistics about the registrations of brachycephalic breeds in countries where these information are applicable. These documents  will be updated as the FCI Head Office gets additional answers to the questionnaire sent to the FCI Members and Contract Partners on 01/07/2020;
  • Explanations of the correlation between pedigree dog breeding and national breed-specific legislation;
  • Statistics about the distribution of pedigree dogs compared to the overall dog population in countries of the FCI Europe Section listed in the 2019 FEDIAF report over the last 10 years and the method of calculation used for pedigree dog population.

The FCI is you, the FCI Members and Contract Partners, and only together shall we be able to handle the current attacks that we have been facing for a while. 

Please, dear FCI Members and Contract Partners,  do not forget to answer the questionnaire referred to above so that we can share these important information with all of you, major stakeholders of the dog scene worldwide.

We thank you for your cooperation!


On behalf of the FCI General Committee


Dr T. Jakkel       Y. De Clercq
President  Executive Director