March 18, 2022

Important communication for the attention of Ukrainian breeders

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NEW EMAIL AS FROM 30/05/2022:


Dear FCI Members and Contract Partners (NCOs),
Dear breeders and dog owners,

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, many Ukrainian breeders and owners had to leave their country with their dogs, sometimes with new-born puppies and/or pregnant females. The latter will or have whelp(ed) in countries different from Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Kennel Union (UKU), aware of the situation, put forward a proposal to the FCI General Committee, which was accepted on March 16, 2022.  The proposal is as follows :

a) In case a bitch has whelped while being in a country (FCI member) different from Ukraine, export pedigrees will be issued by UKU according to the following procedure :

  • A local veterinarian microchips the puppies in due age, vaccinates them, checks up the testicles, bite, for other possible anomalies like broken tail, etc, and issues the relevant certificate.
  • The breeder/person taking care of the bitch and puppies sends this certificate online to UKU ( ) as well as the other relevant documents required by UKU (information about dam and sire, etc). 
  • A UKU cynologist, via a video connection, checks the microchip and the conformation of the puppies and issues the documents for the puppies (puppy cards) in digital copy.

Final step : the electronic puppy cards are sent back by email to the breeder/person taking care of the dog.  Later on, the electronic puppy cards will be exchanged for the export pedigrees by the new owners of the dogs.

b) Regarding the issuance of export pedigrees for Ukrainian dogs sold or to be sold, the procedure is as follows:

  • The new dog owner sends by email to UKU ( ) a copy of the puppy card/of the pedigree under the name of the previous owner/of the electronic puppy card, the information about himself/herself and a bank receipt for the payment for the pedigree.

Final step : UKU sends by email to the dog owner the digital copy of the UKU Export pedigree.  The digital copy can be later replaced by the genuine paper document once Ukrainian postal service starts working again.

Any puppy card/export pedigree obtained according to the above procedure will be accepted by all FCI Members and Contract Partners

For any question, please turn to 



Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director