February 4, 2016

FCI meets CKU at the Philippines CIRCUIT 2016 in Manila (PH)

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Y. De Clercq, R. de Santiago, Tim Xie, Howard Zhang

On January 25th 2016 the FCI President, Mr. Rafael de Santiago, and the FCI Executive Director, Mr. Y. De Clercq, met with the China Kennel Union Secretary General, Tim Xie and the PR CKU Manager, Mr. Howard Zhang, at the Philippines CIRCUIT 2016 Dog Show in Manila.

Concerned about the actions taken in favour of dogs in China since his last visit to Beijing last year, Mr de Santiago took the opportunity of CKU’s Secretary General being present in Manila to call for a meeting with him.

Mr. Xie extensively commented the latest updates from CKU to Mr. de Santiago about the China dog welfare developmentsCKU, with the help of their partner, China Small Animal Protection Association, keeps taking care of more than 500 dogs which were supposed to be slaughtered.  Huge amounts of money are dedicated each year to CKU to help stray dogs. In addition, CKU has been calling its members and Chinese people not to eat dog meat but rather to treat their beloved animals well, making sure that they are regularly followed-up by veterinarians. 

It was also confirmed that visitors to China will be allowed to bring more than 1 dog per person for the WDS 2019.

Finally, Mr Xie commented on the official Chinese Government and CKU’s position regarding the so-called “Yulin Festival”.  More information about that issue are available from the FCI website.  CKU will shortly inform about the other campaigns they have started developing. In addition, Mr Xie also informed about the founding of the CKU Argentinean Dogo Club (CKUDC).


Y.De Clercq
Executive Director