November 9, 2022

The Société Centrale Canine (SCC) inaugurates the 1st Memorial as a tribute to the civil and military hero dogs in France

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« Frères d’armes » (“Brothers in Arms”) by the artist and sculptor Milthon 

For the very first time in France, a stele to commemorate the numerous services rendered by the civil and military hero dogs from the past and today, as well as their handlers, has been unveiled.

The Memorial, inaugurated on Thursday 20th October 2022 on the Municipality Square of Suippes (FR) in the Marne region, major area of the military and cynological History, counting with the participation of many representatives of the armed forces and personalities of the dog scene, was born upon the initiative of the Société Centrale Canine pour l'Amélioration des Races de Chiens en France (SCC).  The SCC is a public interest association, aiming at promoting the major role of dogs in society.

The stele, unique and highly symbolic, is a milestone for the dog world and for all dog lovers. 

It became real after 4 years of work and its inauguration is the starting point of a new and ambitious project for the French national canine organisation  - FCI full member  - that will launch the “Fête du Chien" (Dog Party) in 2023. 

"Regarde ton chien dans les yeux et tu ne pourras pas affirmer qu'il n'a pas d'âme." (Victor Hugo) 
"Look your dog in the eye and you will not be able to say that it has no soul.”   

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