Healthy Breeding & Dog Welfare: informative package

 Healthy Breeding & Dog Welfare: what can the FCI Members and Contract Partners offer each other?

NOTA BENE 20/10/2020


FCI Committee for Dog Welfare and Health

NOTA BENE 23/10/2020


FCI Scientific Commission

Brachycephalic breeds and Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS): Report, Strategy and Recommendations of the FCI Scientific Commission 15/07/2020  


Statistics & Information from the FCI Members and Contract partners (in accordance with FCI circular 30/2020 dated 01/07/2020)

  Last update  
Brachycephalic breeds registered  in the FCI countries 03/03/2021
Breed-specific health tests in the FCI countries 03/03/2021
All-breed health tests in the FCI countries 03/03/2021


Pedigree dogs versus overall dog population in countries of the FCI Europe section listed in the 2019 FEDIAF report (2010-2019) (A. Marton)

Pedigree dogs registered in FCI studbooks 20/10/2020
Pedigree dog population: calculation method 20/10/2020
Pedigree dogs versus overall dog population 20/10/2020
Consequences of breed-specific legislation on Pedigree dog population 20/10/2020


Canine Welfare