Statistics: Kinološki Savez u Bosni i Hercegovini (KSuBiH) (BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA)

PUPPIES registered with the studbook and the appendix6,9406,8606,8427,4757,8488,4178,2177,450
LITTERS registered with the studbook and the appendix1,6771,4261,3981,4871,5501,6471,5751,420
CAC ALL-BREED SHOWS191931204203743
FCI (breed, group, all-breed) JUDGES97977010395409774
INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS (people)9401,3949501,2431,2861,3651,1941,285
member (breed, regional, sporting, etc.) CLUBS6472595754525350
PURE-BRED DOGS REGISTERED WITH THE STUDBOOK7,1197,8657,1307,7668,0378,6548,5567,701
TOTAL number of PURE-BRED DOGS REGISTERED WITH THE STUDBOOK since its creation38,51039,60831,416102,144110,417119,917130,357137,818
Approximate TOTAL number of DOGS (PURE-BRED OR NOT)48,929
Approximate TOTAL number of DOG OWNERS (PURE-BRED OR NOT)55,000

N.B.:  The data have been collected from the national canine organisations member of the FCI. Blank cells in the table mean either no answer from the national canine organisation member of the FCI or data not available.