FCI breeds nomenclature


Group : n°9 - Companion and Toy Dogs

Date of publication of the standard
English HAVANESE 12/12/2016
Français BICHON HAVANAIS 12/12/2016
Deutsch HAVANESER 12/12/2016
Español BICHON HABANERO 12/12/2016

Section Bichons and related breeds
Subsection Bichons
Date of acceptance on a definitive basis by the FCI 9/24/1963
Official authentic language French
Date of publication of the official valid standard 10/31/2016
Breed status Recognized on a definitive basis
Country of development of the breed WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN BASIN
Country of origin of the breed CUBA
Country of patronage of the breed FCI
Working trial Not subject to a working trial according to the FCI breeds nomenclature