24. März 2017

Working Group for Restructuring the FCI (WGRF) (follow-up)


From left to right: (behind) A. Varlet (SCC), J.L.Payró, A.B.Santos, P.Friedrich (VDH), Y.De Clercq (in front) A.-M.Chimion (SCC interpreter), R.Wirtz (FCI Legal Counsellor), C.Molinari, E.Anttinen (FKK), G.Jipping, J.Hindse


The Working Group for Restructuring the FCI (WGRF) held its final meeting on March 21st, 2017 in Amsterdam at the Head Office of the Raad van Beheer. This working group, appointed earlier this year by Rafael de Santiago, the FCI President, has now finished the important task it was assigned to revise and modernise, deeply, the FCI Statutes and Standing Orders. The final proposal which will be put forward at the next FCI General Assembly later this year in Leipzig will be ready in the next few weeks. 

Yves de Clercq
FCI Executive Director

           President of the WGRF