25. August 2023

In Memoriam Dr. Sérgio Meira Lopes de Castro


We are very sad to inform that the Honorary President of Brazilian Kennel Club (Confederaçao Brasileira de Cinofilia, CBKC) Dr. Sérgio Meira Lopes de Castro, passed away on Thursday, August 24, 2023.

His love for dogs was his greatest motivator in his incessant quest to improve dog breeding in Brazil.

He started as a breeder of English Cocker Spaniel in 1950 and later also bred American Fox Hound, Dobermann and Fila Brasileiro.

Renowned judge, Sérgio Castro judged several shows in Brazil and abroad.

In 2004, during the World Dog Show held in Brazil, he was the judge responsible for the Best In Show.

For 35 years he presided the Brazilian Kennel Club placing Brazil in the spotlight both on the national and international levels, encouraging local Kennel Clubs to develop their best.

The Brazilian Kennel Club and the FCI General Committee thank for the commitment and dedication with which Sérgio Castro conducted our dog world and present their condolences to the family for this great loss. 


Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director


Americas and Caribbean Dog Show 2018