25. Juni 2019

Important communication: future FCI world and section shows


During the 2nd FCI Judges World Congress which took place on 24-25 June 2019, the FCI President called for an immediate extraordinary FCI General Committee meeting.

Further to detailed and fruitful discussions about recent events, it was agreed to communicate the following :

“Based on our own personal experience and on the reactions of our partners - the breeders - we decided to modify the procedure to select the FCI Members hosting the World and Section Shows.  Our decision is motivated by our wish to and need for improving the welfare of all stakeholders involved in such important events (dogs, exhibitors, visitors, judges, trade stands, etc).  In addition to the detailed application form which is already used by the applying Members, the new procedure will include a professional visit of a group of experts, made up of FCI delegates.  All of them will have a strong experience in organizing and participating in big shows. They will be required to make a report, based on a detailed check list, which will be made available to the voting Members and discussed during the General Assembly, BEFORE the voting takes place.  

We also decided to amend the role and the rights of the FCI Observer (also called FCI delegate) and provide him/her with a very detailed to-do list PRIOR to the Show, preferably 2 years before the event.  We of course respect the right and wish of any Organizing Committee to organize one of our FCI Title Shows, but a closer cooperation and proactive attitude instead of only “ observing” what is happening is a MUST.  It is our duty to be able to cope with any situation that can disturb the celebration of our Pedigree Dogs and their breeders, owners and judges”.

On behalf of the FCI General Committee



Dr. Jakkel Tamás
FCI President