13. Januar 2014

Am 3. Januar 2014 trafen sich das Exekutivkomitee der FCI und der AKC in New York


The FCI Executive Committee and the AKC met in New York on January 3rd, 2014. Both, Rafael de Santiago, FCI President, and Alan Kalter, AKC Chairman, are happy to announce that several important points of common interest were discussed in a constructive, pleasant and open atmosphere. The main points of the agenda were the cooperation between FCI and AKC with regard to their respective membership in China (CKU and NGKC), the AKC Global Services Programme, the communication between both organisations, the list of American native AKC breeds not recognised by the FCI and the list of FCI members from which AKC recognises the pedigrees.

Rafael de Santiago and Alan Kalter would like to express their appreciation for a positive meeting.

Rafael de Santiago
FCI President

Alan Kalter
AKC Chairman