22 février 2017

IPFD International Dog Health Workshop, 21-23 April 2017 in Paris (FR): Public registration open!

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The FCI office has the pleasure to inform you that Public registration is now open for the IPFD 3rd International Dog Health Workshop to be held in Paris, France on 21-23/04/2017.


Join international decision leaders and stakeholders in the dog world who are working to promote health, well-being and welfare in all dogs, including, for example: breeders, breed club health committees, kennel clubs, veterinarians, researchers, geneticists, behavioural specialists, breeding advisors, regulators, welfare organizations, show judges, others.


Interactive workshop aimed to share information and resources and result in collaborative international actions on such topics as:

  • Breed-Specific Health Strategies: Nationally and internationally.
  • Education and Communication - Antimicrobial resistance/ prudent use.
  • Exaggerations And Extremes In Dog Conformation: Health, welfare and breeding; national and international efforts.
  • IPFD Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs-Selection, evaluation and application.
  • Behaviour and Welfare - Socialization and role of breeders?
  • Show Me The Numbers: Accessing and integrating prevalence, risks and other population-level information.

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