20 juin 2016

FCI and ANKC meet at the FCI Headquarters on June 15 2016

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From left to right : D. Santos, FCI GC member; B. Parker, ANKC Vice-President; C. Molinari FCI Treasurer; R. de Santiago, FCI President; H. Gent, ANKC President and Chairman of the Board of Directors; G. Jipping, FCI Vice-President; Y. De Clercq, FCI Executive Director

On the occasion of the FCI Executive Committee meeting in Thuin on 14-15 June 2016, the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) President and Vice-President, MM Gent and Parker were invited to travel to the  FCI Office and meet with their FCI colleagues.  Mr D.Santos, member of the FCI General Committee and President of the FCI Asia and Pacific Section was also invited to attend.

The discussions were held in a very friendly atmosphere and the main point of the agenda was the future of the ANKC membership within the FCI.

Different opinions were expressed, the FCI requirements were clearly explained and the ANKC leaders had the opportunity to comment on the particular situation of ANKC, a kennel club situated on a continent-size island. 

It was agreed that a final proposal would be drafted and discussed for a final resolution next October. There are high expectations that ANKC will retain its FCI associate membership with specific clauses being included in the membership agreement.

Both parties were very positive and expect now encouraging results.

Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director