17. Mai 2022

FCI PODCAST (21): More insights into the FCI - A chat with three of the General Committee members


There has always been a fair amount of assumptions made about the largest global organisation for Pedigree Dogs, so this series of the FCI Podcast Channel titled “Inside the FCI” aims to shed light and dispel assumptions about this international organisation that stands For Pedigree Dogs Worldwide!
Comprising of ninety-eight member countries globally, the FCI is the largest global organisation for Pedigree Dogs covering almost every area of interest, from conformation dog shows to dog sports and field trials.
To keep such a large organisation working effectively, a very dedicated and experienced management team is required. Part of this management team is the FCI General Committee comprising nine members.
In this episode, Gopi Krishnan speaks with three members of the FCI General Committee, Rafael De Santiago, Carla Molinari and Miguel Angel Martinez, to get their views and opinions about the organisation and some of their personal thoughts on the future of the FCI.

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