FCI Academy: breed-specific education - The Dutch shepherd dog

Dear readers, Please find below FCI Academy’s introduction to the Dutch Shepherd Dog, FCI standard nr 223: Acknowledgements: A well-meant thank you for contributing the pictures to Alice van Kempen, Ron van Dijk, Wil and Els van Ommen, Margreet Bats, Jan Remmerde, Anja Brugmans, Rob Cordes, Pauline van Vliet and Max de Gids. This presentation was made by: Mieke van Viegen, Rob Cordes, Jan de Gids and Lia Helmers. Breed-specific education: The Dutch shepherd dog (Hollandse Herdershond)

FCI launches new educational tool: the FCI Academy!

Dear (future) owner, Dear (future) breeder, Dear (future) judge or candidate-judge, Dear FCI media follower, The FCI General Secretariat is thrilled to announce the launch of a brand-new FCI educational tool: the FCI Academy. Today, we are excited to start a series of highly valuable publications: breed-specific education about FCI breeds recognised on a definitive or provisional basis.  The presentations have been prepared by the national canine organisation (member of the FCI) of the country of origin of the breed.  They are based on a model (in English only) drafted by the FCI Show Judges Commission and have been approved by the FCI General Committee. The aim is twofold: - to familiarise and educate the (future) judges and breeders, and - to promote the breeds among the general public. The material is composed of PowerPoint presentations, sometimes accompanied by videos, when available. The very first presentation will be about the Dutch Shepherd Dog. It will be published in the FCI Academy section of this blog on January 23rd. Don't miss it! We wish you a pleasant time at the FCI Academy!

FCI announces its 2nd World Congress for Show Judges

The congress will take place on 24-25 June 2019 in the framework of the FCI Americas and the Caribbean Section shows (20-23 June) at "Mundo Imperial Acapulco" exhibition centre. All Judges around the world are invited to participate! All participants will receive a very special recognition with curricular value, signed by FCI President, Mr Rafael de Santiago. The judges are reminded that, according to FCI rules, it is necessary for all international judges officiating all over the world as representatives of the FCI to attend this type of congress to keep up to date. Well-known judges will be the speakers during 2 days, about topics of great interest to the international judges willing to update their knowledge: behaviour, health, genetic predispositoon to hereditary diseases, nomenclature of colours and coats, evaluation in statics and dynamics, hypertypes and evaluation of the dogs, among other. Full programme and information leaflet available here!  

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