FCI launches new format for its newsletter

Dear readers, In 2011, on the year if its centenary, the FCI decided to launch its newsletter, dogdotcom . We have published 6 of them per year for 7 years. The audience has been increasing since the very first edition: the last one (December 2017) was sent to 45,000 subscribers. Today, we are celebrating the brand new format of dogdotcom . We hope you will appreciate our evolution towards a more interactive environment, better connected to hot topics and to other FCI media: the Facebook page and the FCI official website . Dear friends, dogdotcom is about our federation about the member-national canine organisations for you for the global community of dog lovers for the large FCI family and followers our communication platform, the reflexion of everything that we do with and for our beloved dogs! Welcome to the new dogdotcom ! I wish the new format of the FCI newsletter a successful journey!   Rafael de Santiago FCI President

FCI: We belong!

What does it mean to be part of the FCI community? I am part of a dog-loving fellowship counting 94 national canine organisations I can take part, yearly, in more than 1,200 international dog shows I can take part, yearly, in more than 2,000 sporting events (working trials, sighthounds races, Obedience and Agility competitions, field trials, dog dancing contest and many more) I can access FCI information resources about dog-related issues of interest to me, such as health, breeding, breed standards, genealogies,… I have my own and unique kennel name registered with an international organisation I have my dog’s pedigree recognised in 94 countries My dogs have a chance to be judged by one of the 9,278 judges listed by FCI members Have a look at the following amazing FCI facts and figures*: 2,057,228 puppies registered with the studbook and appendix 1,667,336 individual members 11,104 members clubs 1,024 CACIB shows *Based on 2017 figures   For further information, call the FCI member in your country of legal residence http://www.fci.be/en/members/ and Join us!

FCI will hold an Extraordinary General Assembly in Brussels, 14-15 August

During FCI’s last General Assembly (Leipzig 2017), it was decided to hold an Extraordinary General Assembly in order to revise FCI Statutes. On 14-15 August 2018, FCI full members will be invited to vote some articles revised further to the proposals made by the FCI General Committee and the FCI members in Leipzig’s GA. 98 delegates will attend (as of August 2nd), from the following countries: Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Bolivia Brazil Chile China Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Iceland Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malaysia Mexico Morocco Norway Panama Paraguay Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Slovakia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand The Netherlands Turkey Ukraine Uruguay We will soon publish the results of this exceptional meeting here!

La FCI cumple con la legislación del RGPD