Introducing FCI staff

Yves De Clercq
Hired in 1994
Executive Director

Margareth Devaux
Hired in 1973
In charge of the Awards Department and Working Trials schedules

Graziella Soravia
Hired in 1981
In charge of Kennel Names and Administration Departments
(Standards : DE-FR)

Marie-France Grulois
Hired in 1992
In charge of Kennel Names and Breed Standards Departments (EN-FR)

Lynda Dock
Hired in 1994
Cleaning Operative
Catherine Gomrée
Hired in 2003
In charge of Accountancy and Administration Departments; Translations and IT Projects

Rosa Vinci
Hired in 2006
In charge of Data Processing

Marie Luna Durán
Hired in 2006
Marketing and Public Relations Manager;
Translations and IT Projects

Marjorie Grimmelprez
Hired in 2008
In charge of the Judges and Breeds Standards (ES) Departments

Alexandra Decoster
Hired in 2009
In charge of the Titles Department

Valérie Vanderstukken
Hired in 2010
In charge of Data Processing and Show Schedules

Sabine Segers
Hired in 2010
In charge of Data Processing

Jean-Charles Corliano
Hired in 2011
In charge of the CACIB Department

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  • The team of the FCI General Secretariat answers any single request sent for its attention. It is USELESS to send the same request to several persons. Should your request be sent to the "wrong recipient", it would immediately be forwarded to the person in charge of the appropriate department.